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C and C++

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The Finest C/C++ Training is available at CBA Infotech in Gurdaspur. The demand for IT workers has expanded along with the demand for IT across a variety of businesses. To fit in the rapidly expanding IT business, the question of how and where to study these languages arises.

Unfortunately, they force the students to memorise the theory and do not give them actual knowledge on languages like C, C++, JAVA,.NET, or C#. We have observed several institutes sprouting up like mushrooms and claiming to be the finest in terms of teaching those languages. Students will feel tricked in this sense if they go to interviews and are turned down.

As a result, we offer specialised C/C++ training designed to meet your unique demands, ranging from industry-based training to training from team leaders, managers, and other executives, as well as training for schoolteachers, students, and other IT professionals.

Our Observation

We are continually trying to innovate and make improvements. Every change is seen by us as an opportunity to advance. We value collaboration. This not only breaks up the monotony but also streamlines and makes the entire working process operate smoothly and easily. We pursue greatness instead of success because we believe that if you work hard for it, success will come naturally to you.

Why C, C++ Training at CBA Infotech, Gurdaspur

First, C & C++ languages are our area of expertise. We offer the best C++ training available. In addition to being theoretical and practical, we also make our training interview-oriented to give our students the self-assurance they need to succeed in a variety of IT businesses.


In essence, Dennis Ritchie created the C programming language in 1972 at AT&T Bell Labs in the United States for the Unix operating system. For all programming languages, it is regarded as the fundamental language. C is a fairly well-known and often used programming language for writing different types of computer programmes. The top down approach is a method of programming in C that divides the programme into functions. We are the top software training institutions because we provide the best C & C++ training


Characteristics of C++ Training Programs and Classes:

The modular programming language, portal, and recursive are the three basic characteristics of C programming. There are numerous benefits to learning to programme in C if you are already a programmer or wish to become one.

To be able to read & write in C, will develop your insight into numerous areas of your interest. Today, everything from microcontrollers to many of the newest operating systems is written in C. Since C++ is an object-oriented language, it is now only a little step beyond C, yet it is still impossible to learn C++ without first learning C.

1980 saw the development of C++ by Bijarne Stroutsup at AT & T Bell Lab. It is an object-oriented programming language since it offers characteristics like object, class, data encapsulation, inheritance, data abstraction, polymorphism, and message passing. Contrary to C, it employs a bottom-up method and is regarded as the most fundamental object-oriented programming language.

  • In our library, we have a vast selection of books. Thus, feel free to use our library if you want to have a competitive advantage over your colleagues or if you want to improve your skills.
  • Our instructors have degrees and extensive training. They facilitate learning with astounding skill. Every time it is necessary, they offer constructive criticism and wise counsel. It meets the demands of students for all-around progress in a positive way. Our team of devoted, knowledgeable faculty members teaching diverse subjects in the classes is at its finest.
  • Our programme is designed to produce great results, and the small batch sizes allow our instructors to offer each student their undivided attention. Flexible scheduling: We provide the greatest scheduling options, taking in mind that earning money is just as important as learning how to lessen your parents’ financial burden. As a result, we do offer batches early in the morning and late at night for working professionals.

Syllabus for C Language Classes:

Total Count of Modules: 9

Module 1: Introduction

    • – The C Program Structure
    • – Simple C Program Examples
    • – Analysis of a C Program
    • – Building an Executable Version of a C Program


      Module 2: Data Types and Variables in C Language

      • – Operands, Operators & Arithmetic Expressions
      • – Data Types

Module 3: The Input and output Management

  • – Formatted Input Function
  • – Input (I/P) and output(O/P) Concept

Module 4: Control-Flow Statements

  • – The Data-checking process
  • -Looping Statements
  • -The Control-Flow Statements Program

Module 5: Modular Programming with Functions

  • – C Standard Library Functions
  • – Using Methods in the Check book Program
  • – Providing an Address to Change a Memory Value
  • – Passing Data to Functions
  • – The C Function

Module 6: Arrays, Pointers, and Strings

  • – Pointers, arrays, and string methods

Module 7: Structures Concept in C Language Classes

  • – Structures
  • – Nesting Structures
  • – Passing Structures to Functions
  • – Arrays of Structures

Module 8: Input  / Output File in C language

  • – Combining Command-line
  • – Command-line Arguments

Module 9:

  • – C Training Project

Syllabus for C++ Language Classes

Total Count of modules 17

Module 1 intro to C++

• – Creating a C++ program
• – Writing, collecting and running a program

Module 2 Exception handling

• – Nested catch instructors
• – Try throw catch block

Module 3 Virtual base classes

• – Constructor and destructor ordering
• – Virtual base class member access

Module 4 Virtual functions

• – Virtual destructors

Module 5 Inheritance

• – Protected members of a class
• – Base class initialization
• – Inherited member access
• – Base classes and derived classes

Module 6 Template classes

• – File streams
• – 
Static class members2


Total Count of modules 17

Module 1 intro to C++

• – Creating a C++ program
• – Writing, collecting and running a program

Module 2 Exception handling

• – Nested catch instructors
• – Try throw catch block

Module 3 Virtual base classes

• – Constructor and destructor ordering
• – Virtual base class member access

Module 4 Virtual functions

• – Virtual destructors

Module 5 Inheritance

• – Protected members of a class
• – Base class initialization
• – Inherited member access
• – Base classes and derived classes

Module 6 Template classes

• – File streams
• – 
Static class members2

Module 7 Copy constructor

• – Assignment operator

Module 8 Function overloading

• – Operator overloading

Module 9 Reference types

• – Reference type arguments

Module 10 Classes in C++

• – Class initialization
• – 
Friends to a class
• – The new and delete operators
• –  Creating objects
• – Data members and member functions

Module 11 Pointers

• – Pointers to functions
• – Memory slicing
• – Arrays of pointers
• – Pointers to character strings
• – Pointer and arrays

Module 12 Storage Classes

• – Global variables

Module 13 Arrays

• – Working with character strings
• – Character arrays
• –Multi-dimensional arrays
• – Array initialization

Module 14 Functions

• – Inline functions
• – Default argument initializers
• – 
Function prototyping
• – 
Passing arguments

Module 15 Looping constructs while, do while, for loops

• – Switch/ case construct
• – If 
else statements

Module 16 Variables and data types

• – Type conversions
• – Operators
• – Constants
• – Expressions

Module 17

C, C++ Training Project



Jashan gillJashan gill
06:04 10 Dec 22
Best basic computer course institution in gurdaspur. Students who are looking for best coaching should come here to bright thier future. Staffs are dedicative and helpful. I have a wonderful experience there.
Ranjodh SinghRanjodh Singh
06:00 10 Dec 22
Best basic computer institute Gurdaspur. I have very good experience studying over there . All the staff members are very nyc and friendly . I recommend all to join it
Muskan SharmaMuskan Sharma
05:44 10 Dec 22
Best basic computer course in gurdaspur. The environment is too good and all the staff members are very friendly and cooperative. I have a very nyc experience studying over 💖💖🥰
Nehal GuptaNehal Gupta
16:14 12 Sep 22
I joined this institute . My all over experience is very good. The knowledge given by the sir is very helpful to me & during training they solve thought related the topic. Thank you. The staff was really cooperative and motivating helped to gain confidence and more experience in the field of IT
Nitish KumarNitish Kumar
09:43 05 Aug 22
Very nice institute for autocad. All the staff members are so friendly. I see many institute but this one is the best in all of the way.



Python Trainig in Gurdaspur

I completed my Python Training from CBA Infotech. They have a expert trainer who assist us the difficult concepts in very easy manner.good place for learning. Overall nice experience.



Best Python Trainig Centre in Gurdaspur

I finished my training in Python and gained a Iot knowledge under the guidance of experts. Really nice and updated course module. I will suggest you to look at it once.



Python Trainig in Gurdaspur

Hey I am Suraj, I completed my python summer training in this institute.I learnt a lot of things from here. I want to again join this institute,it is a good place for learning, good environment, good staff.

Drishti Grover


Best Institute in Gurdaspur

This is the best company with good and cooperative staff specially sandeep sir who guided very well and has the good quality of leadership and I think one can experience a lot from this company and explore new things !!


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