What is C Programming Language
C is a general-purpose programming language that is extremely popular, simple, and flexible to use. It is a structured programming language that is machine-independent and extensively used to write various applications, Operating Systems like Windows, and many other complex programs like Oracle database, Git, Python interpreter, and more.
It is said that ‘C’ is a god’s programming language. One can say, C is a base for the programming. If you know ‘C,’ you can easily grasp the knowledge of the other programming languages that uses the concept of ‘C’ It is essential to have a background in computer memory mechanisms because it is an important aspect when dealing with the C programming language..
What is C++ Programming Language?
C++ is an object-oriented computer language created by notable computer scientist Bjorne Stroustrop as part of the evolution of the C family of languages. C++ is pronounced “see-plus-plus.” It was developed as a cross-platform improvement of C to provide developers with a higher degree of control over memory and system resources. Some call C++ “C with classes” because it introduces object-oriented programming principles, including the use of defined classes, to the C programming language framework. Over time, C++ has remained a very useful language not only in computer programming itself, but in teaching new programmers about how object-oriented programming works. However, it does not support only object-oriented, but also procedural and functional. Thanks to its high flexibility and scalability, C++ can be used to develop a broad range of software, applications, browsers, Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), operating systems, and games.
Topics to cover for c language

The topics which are focused in Our course are:

  1. Introduction to Programming , Program & Programming , Programming Languages, Introduction to compiler , Linker, loader, Interpreter , Algorithm and Flowchart Classification of programming Languages , Overview of C
  2. Constants, Variables and Data types in C
  3. Operators and Expressions
  4. Managing Input and Output operation
  5. Decision making and Branching
  6. Decision making and looping
  7. Arrays
  8. Character Arrays and Strings
  9. User defined function in C
  10. Pointers
  11. File Management in C
Topics to Cover in c++ Language

The topics which are focused in our courses are

  1. Basic C++
  2. Structure Of C++ Program
    1. Variables, Data Types, And Constants,Operators,I/O through Console
    2. Control Structures And Functions
    3. Control Structures And Loops
    4. Functions
    5. Advanced-Data Structure
    6.  Arrays
    7.  Pointers
    8. Storage Classes
    9. Structure & User-Defined Data Types
    10. Object-Oriented Programming With C++
    11. Classes, Constructors, Destructors
    12.  Overloading
    13.  Inheritance
    14.  Polymorphism

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